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Y'all I BE thinking that I'm a rapper at times

I look through my phone and laugh at my lyrical crimes

Let me record this video! It's time for me to shine!

But when I watch it back...

Girl, you are so out of line!

I can put words together at the DROP of a dime

One of the Leaders of the New School when I Busta few Rhymes

Ahhh, y'all like how I did that? Didn't you?

Let me PICK IT UP though

Get ready for this sick azz flow

While a few words travel to my brain.

Let's go!

Knowledge is POWER

ELECTRICAL CURRENTS flowing through my head

SHOCKED by so many thoughts

It's draining at times, so I lay down instead

I close my eyes, doze off and I dream

On Cloud 9 counting sheep. Lord, I'm about to scream!

Cause these thoughts won't let me rest. I feel it's all a big scheme!

Let me lay on my side fluff my pillow some more

Tuck my hands under my cheek

Get comfortable so I can explore

What these crazy thoughts mean

Sheep one, sheep two, sheep three, sheep four

By the time I counted the fifth one, I'd dozed off some more


Oh wait what is that?

My thoughts have me under attack

Is that a bat? A cat? Yo this dream is super wack!

Let me turn on over and lay on my back!

So many words begin to appear

But they're peaceful words this time

"Girl, it's time to set yourself free!

It's time to ease your mind!

Great things will come your way!

You know it's very true!

Stop putting others first!

It's time to choose you!"

That was enough for me!

Imma make it do what it do!

I woke up and got dressed

Knowing I deserved better

Put on my Superwoman outfit

Turned from Kristin Wells into a true goal-getter

I'm FINALLY free, Y'all




But never Unworthy!

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