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That's my best friend!

My bae and I are always spontaneously doing things. We had no plans of doing anything other than our weekend cleaning. He woke up, got dressed and ensured I got out of bed as well. My plan was to get some extra sleep, but I love that he is spoiled! So, do you know what I did? I rolled over my behind out of the bed! The problem: He said, "Hey, Bae. Come on and get up because I have a lot I need to do today." I took it as, "We are about to get in these streets, so let me get extra cute today!"

I got dressed, Y'all! I put on my sandals, sundress and...

Him: You look great, but you are a little too overdressed for us to clean!

Me: Well, I thought you meant you had a lot to do OUTSIDE the house! Let me go throw on a jogging suit then!

I went in the room just to tease him! I put on his favorite workout pants and a crop top and came out the room with my best "stank" walk ever! I just KNEW he would change his mind! As soon as he saw me, he said, "Dang, that's how you doing it? Don't get nobody fu**ed up!"

I laughed and we got to work sealing our window so we can put up our Airly for our air

conditioner, because if you live in Washington (state of), you know they don't believe in putting air conditioners in the houses. He grabbed the step stool and I climbed up on it lifting my arms and bending down, because I just KNEW...yup, he couldn't help it! I won!!! Ahhha.

We finished the window and sat our behinds down. He laid on the couch and asked, "Bae, do you remember when I used to lay on your couch and go to sleep and you would take pictures of me?" I said, "I still do!" We laughed, joked, and as he lay there, I ended up laying the top part of my body on the lower part of his. The next thing I knew was...zzzzzzz! We both dozed off! When he awakened, I said, "Bae, it's hilarious how you had me get out of bed and went to sleep!" He laughed and we sat outside talking and doing our daily, goofy antics.

His friend posted some amazing looking chicken online! I walked past and said, "Ooooweee that chicken looks good!" He asked for the name and location. His friend sent a blurry picture. We couldn't make out the name at all! So, in our normal fashion, we both had the same idea! We pulled out our phones and did a Google search for "Seattle chicken food trucks." Bingo! We found the Facebook page and a post showing they would be up the street from us until 9 pm today! What luck!

We put on our shoes and walked to Pier 62. When we reached the food truck, the line was super long! There were several food trucks, but we wanted that chicken! Several people had already been in line 30+ minutes. We didn't care...until they broke our hearts and said, "All sold out!" WHAT?! I"ll go buy y'all a few bags of chicken tenders and wings and stuff! We'll be back! Laid no! I went up to the window and showed her the FB messages I had sent telling them we were on the way and in line! She was so nice! She let us know they'll be back Friday.

If you're in WA looking for an amazing food truck with nice people, follow Swagg-n-wagon Wings & Things on Facebook. The food smelled so amazing! Had we not made a stop before heading to Pier 62, we would have had our chicken!

We ended up looking on Google settling for Wing Dome...first and last visit for me! Once I saw their 3.5/5 rating, I should have known! They were not horrible, but they need help in there for sure! We got to-go plates and walked back home.

Y'all let me remind you that I still have on my workout pants and crop top as we walk the streets of Seattle. This man of mine is hilarious! I thought I was funny...y'all just don't know! Let's just say that I have been "blessed" in certain areas. He meant what he said when he said, "Don't get nobody fu**ed up!" I'm STILL laughing at him being overprotective of me today! Guys' eyes tend to wonder a lot. Today was no different. I left the restaurant and the security guard did a double take.

Walking down the street, I had to stand in front of Bae a few times. I am so thankful that he is the way he is! He shows me daily attention and affection! Every day (several times a day) he uplifts me. "You're so freaking beautiful on the inside and out!" "I love you, Bae!" "You're CUTE today!" "I really enjoy spending time with you!" I so appreciate him telling me those words and more! I don't care about advances from other guys, because I don't lack anything at home! I look forward to his words of encouragement, to his attention, to his affection! His overprotective ways are still so cute!

As we headed back home, we walked up hills and motivated each other along the way! He stopped to "check my form" as I walked up the hills! Ahhha...I'm so sure "my form" was the reason he stepped back to admire my walk! Mmmmmhmmm

I had other plans when we got home. I wanted some quality time. He said, "20 minutes of writing first." Although I responded like a babyish, spoiled brat, I appreciate that he remembered I wanted to write today. He motivated me to sit here and write. We are both outside spending quality time as I finish this blog.

These past years came with some tumultuous days! However, to know that I can come home to someone who is just as uplifting and motivating as I! We have fun each and every day! I thought it would have died down by now...nope. We are in year two and we still motivate each other, communicate daily, laugh, joke...this man is my best friend! He reminds me of me, and I truly believe that's why we work as one well-oiled machine.

Thank you, Chubb! You truly saved my life! "Go best friend! That's my best friend!"

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Thanks, Bae, I love spending time with you. Plus your smile makes my day, I’m glad to have met you and I enjoy the time we spend together and all the laughs we share.

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