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If you're hungry, EAT!

As I write this blog today, I look around and wonder, "How did I get here?" I am sitting on the balcony of our condo looking out at the Puget Sound in the heart of Belltown (Seattle). I am watching sailboats, ferries, and ships catch the waves as the sun glistens on the water. The weather is amazing! The view is beautiful! God has truly blessed us!

Most days, I reflect on my life. I used to ask, "Why me?" Over the years, I shifted my mindset. Now, I ask, "Why not me?" I was hungry, so I ate (and I ain't talking about food)! I saw opportunities and I seized them! I learned at an early age that there is enough out here for everyone to eat!

I have to backtrack a little before moving forward. Over the years, I grew tired of people judging included. I'd hear, "She thinks she's better than us" or "She is too good to come this way." People would also feel the need to "explain" their living situations to me whenever I visited Georgia. Oh, and, I started watching my family and "friends" who never congratulated me! I STILL do!

Not that I have to explain anything, but I have such a humble spirit and great heart! I give my last even when I really don't have it to give. It doesn't matter if you live in the hood or Hollywood. My parents raised us to treat everyone with kindness and be inclusive of ALL! But, for those who have had those words to say: "I am better than you!" It has absolutely nothing to do with my accomplishments and everything to do with you going directly to that statement instead of getting to know me.

So many people choose to have negative conversations about people (mostly when they're not present) instead of asking, "How did you do that? Help me." Man, I cannot begin to tell you the number of times I have put my tasks aside to do mock interviews, to coach/mentor, to be a listening help in any way possible. I don't share those things because it truly comes from my heart. I want to see EVERYBODY win!!! Here, grab this plate of life and let us all EAT! Let us work together to build generational wealth!

In high school, I lived in the projects. I volunteered at Boys and Girls Club after school. It brought me joy to help the younger children with homework. Later, I got a job at Taco Bell and did my homework in the lobby during my breaks. When I was old enough, I went to the recruiting station on my own and joined the army; not one adult in my family knew I'd joined until after I'd talked with the recruiter. I knew how to hustle at an early age. Excuses were not an option when I wanted a better life. I ate!

As the years progressed, I tried a lot of different hustles. None of them were meeting my needs. I kept going until I finally found my passion in where I started...working with children. As a military spouse, I volunteered in many schools (in my daughter's schools for the most part. It ignited my passion to teach; I'd said I wanted to teach since I was in third grade. I never knew how I could go to college after high school. I thought the military was my only option. However, during my years of volunteering, I went to college. I became a substitute teacher in my daughter's school district.

It was during this time that I'd go into schools and have principals promise me jobs once I completed my program! Once my program was complete, I interviewed with several of the principals...NONE of them gave me a job! I started feeling like, "Oh, I'm good enough to volunteer and to sub in your schools, but I'm not good enough to teach in them." As bad as I wanted to teach in my daughter's school district due to her special needs, I had to look elsewhere. I thank you (North Thurston Public Schools) for allowing me to volunteer, sub, and student teach in your district. I also thank you for not hiring me!

The very first interview I had in another school district, I landed the job! I taught kindergarten for a few days before learning that either me or another teacher would have to leave the school due to the enrollment numbers being too low. I am so thankful that my coworkers advocated for me to stay! I ended up moving down the hall teaching first grade, but I truly am grateful, because it was on that hall that I realized my passion for education was beyond my classroom.

Year one of teaching, I told people, "I want to be a principal!" Year four (the first year you can become an admin), my assistant principal remembered me mentioning it, and gave me the details to go to the information meeting. During the last conversation I had with Mom, I told her I was going to the meeting. She told me she was proud of me. A week after the meeting, she died. I almost gave up my dream of becoming an admin. The night the application was due, I submitted it. I got the internship, became an assistant principal, and, two years later, I became a principal...five years of teaching and two years as an assistant principal.

I am on vacation right now, but I received an email from a person I interviewed. She asked for help in landing a job. Although I didn't hire her, the fact that she reached out let me know she was hungry! I set up a meeting with her on my day off and her gratefulness was everything! I share that to say, "Stop making excuses! Stop looking for handouts! Congratulate and truly show happiness for others who are making it in life!" You don't know the amount of times I heard, "No!" Use them as stepping stones.


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Definitely a good read..! I'm so happy for you, and I admire the fact the you pursued your passion! Now, you're Eating....!Enjoy your plate, and may you stay full!

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Thank you. ❤️

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