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Sweet Dreams

My friend read my posts and said, "You are very deep...ever thought about writing poetry?" I let her know I dabble with it from time to time and that I'd post some soon. Her: "I'm ready cuz u take a person somewhere with ur words!" So, before I go to bed tonight...

Beautiful dreams or miserable nightmares

It's your choice in the end

Are you going to waddle in a puddle of doubts, misery and shame,

Or will you pull ya britches up and continue climbing up the right stairs?

If happiness is what you seek, then happiness is what you'll find

Shoot, I don't know about you,

But I had to reboot my mind

You see, it was full of negativity, self-doubt, shame and fear

It was full of insecurities, unworthiness and other bad things I seemed to commandeer

I held on to the past, couldn't seem to let go

At least I thought I was holding the reigns

But my past was actually running the show

I messed up many relationships

Never thought before I spoke

But I played it as if THEY were wrong

Humph. I was actually the big joke!

Then, I looked around one day

As I was sitting all alone

In my house full of misery

So, I decided to pick up the phone

Nobody answered.

Hmm. Let me try this again!

Patience is a virtue.

I knew I had at least ONE true friend!

So, I fell to my knees

Jesus, He's the ONE!

Y'all don't know how much I appreciate

God's only begotten Son!

He took me through several tests.

I turned them into testimonies.

I let go and let Him guide my path

I kid you not, that's when my phone rang!

It was my best friend...

"Are you okay? I miss you, Dear!

We can never do this again!"

And forevermore, if she's in my life, I'll continue to win!

Beautiful dreams or miserable nightmares

Let's just say, "I sleep great at night!"

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Napturally Country
Napturally Country
Apr 15, 2021
Replying to

I love you, Boo!!! 💙💙💙

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