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So Gone in the "Good Life City"

I'm from the Good Life City

Called Albany, Georgia

Where my dad used to beat me

And lock my Mom in the closet.

It was rough growing up

Bleedin' from the extension cord

But somehow I made it out

And for that I owe the Lord.

I used to cry on the inside

On the outside I would smile

My friends never knew

In my shoes...couldn't walk a mile.

But if I stare at my past

My future would be behind

So I keep pressing forward

Gotta cross that finish line.

I thank my parents for all they’ve done

My aunts for opening doors

My friends who gave me a place to sleep

My siblings for your love.

Thanks to those who remained true

Without your love I'd be a mess

We went through our ups and downs

But in the end we stood the test.

Let me tell you about my cousin

He used to rape me

Adults are always right

So wrong...nah he couldn't be.

Men at the corner stores

Tongues all in my mouth

I was only a teen

My life in the dirty south

Many sleepless nights

Noone to show me pity

But what's ironic, Y'all

This is the Good Life City

Life so good

Hungry for days

Sleeping in hotels

To escape his abusive ways

But I made it out

No longer could abide

Slit my wrist Y'all

I tried to commit suicide

I'd given up on God

How could he let this be

The abuse...the rape

It was a mystery

I held on strong

Tried to keep the faith

The devil was busy

Finally gave God the praise

I'm a living witness

For me, there's no excuse

If you put your mind to it

There's so much you can do

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