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Broken Innocence

"I am just a vessel, but, Lord, continue to use me!

When I shared my post this morning, I didn't really know what would come from it. I knew somewhere down the line, someone would be brave enough to come forth with their truth. I didn't expect it so soon. I definitely didn't expect it from the person who shared!

Before I start, I asked if I could share her story as long as I keep her anonymous. She said, "Sure...Girl it's more to it. We'll talk about it when you call me." I was going to write this post before calling, but, I needed the full story first.

Here it is:

I received a text from a really good friend from my hometown. She'd read my post from this morning. She told me how she could relate to my post about adults always being right. She said, "Wow! I'd held mine in 13 years before telling anybody. Mine was my aunt's husband. He impregnated me at the age of 11." Now, that alone sent chills up my spine, but what she texted me next...I didn't know how to handle it! I had to pause before responding.

She continued, "The only person who knew was my bad mother. She got rid of the baby, so she wouldn't have to hide my pregnancy nor tell who the father was!"

As I worked today, I found myself thinking about the texts. I found myself disgusted at the thought of another man stealing a child's innocence. I found myself disgusted at her mother for not doing a better job of protecting her. Once I got home from work and ate dinner, I found myself still thinking about it. I finally called her.

According to her, when she finally told her mom, her mom's response was, "You must have liked it!" Say what?! Why did the problem fall on an 11-year old? Why aren't these predators held accountable instead? When do we stop being afraid to the point of turning the blame on our children?

Her mom PROBABLY thought she'd gotten rid of the problem by getting rid of the baby. Guess what? The problem worsened. Every time the guy was drunk, he'd call her and tell her he'd kill the whole family including himself. My friend's exact words, "I'll kill you, your daughter, your cousin, your auntie and myself if you ever tell anyone!"

Her mom had already told her, "You aren't supposed to tell anybody! There are some things you take to the grave with you!" Thirteen years later, my friend told someone. Her mom found out. She was upset and said, "Didn't I tell you some things are better left unsaid and that you're supposed to take it to the grave?"

Some may feel the mom was afraid of what the uncle would do. I feel her mom should have called his bluff. Her mom should have fought until her dying day protecting her baby! He hurt your baby, Mom!

Oh, and that wasn't the only story I'd gotten today. The same friend told me her baby is a product of a date rape from one of her so-called friends. She'd told me the same thing before. My thought: #NotaFriend I also learned from a male friend that he was 10 when he lost his virginity to a 30-year old lady. Yes! Men experience sexual abuse also.

Enough is enough! The sad reality is, it will never end. Y'all love your babies! Hug them tight! Don't just tell them you love them. Show them!

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