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“My sunshine has come…”

It’s been a long time since I have written a blog. I won’t make excuses for it. I will say that I have found my happiness and motivation to write again…in the form of a man I call, “Chubb.”

Let me just say that I had refused to call him anything other than his birth name when we met! I felt that calling him by his nickname (Chubbie) meant I was looking for an intimate relationship. I wasn’t! I only wanted a friendship. He let me know the same.

My friend and her husband were the ones who introduced Chubb to me. He worked with her husband. She was probably tired of seeing me hurt, depressed, lonely and going around a never ending cycle of wanting to be in an unhealthy, one-sided relationship. I had told my friend I wasn’t interested in a relationship; however, once they let me know Chubb wasn’t interested in a relationship, I was okay with talking with him and hanging out.

Day 1: I stopped by my friend’s house. They’d sent Chubb a picture of me and vice versa. I let them know he hadn’t called me yet, so, maybe he wasn’t interested in a friendship. While I was in their bedroom talking with them, her husband made a FaceTime call. I continued talking with her. Her husband passed her the phone. Eventually, she tried to pass me the phone.

Once I saw who was on the FaceTime, I was like, “Oh hell naw! You shouldn’t have had to call him. If he wants to talk to me, he’ll call me. I’m going home.” I grabbed my things. As I walked out the door, I heard Chubb say, “Let me call y’all back!”

My phone rang. I didn’t answer. Why should I answer when it took his friend calling in order for him to call? Eventually, I called back, because I wasn’t looking for a relationship.

We talked on the phone all night…into the early morning. I can’t tell you how much I laughed that night! It reminded me of my high school days.

Day 2: I stopped by my friend’s house after work to talk about my conversation with Chubb the night before. She received a call from her husband while I was there. He was working with Chubb that night. She suggested we go to their job site.

When we got there, he jumped out the work truck smiling…trying to act all cool and stuff. I hit my friend and said, “Y’all did good, Friend!” We followed them to where they were setting up for the night.

They took turns on the site so he could talk with me. He was hilarious! I laughed a lot that night…to the point of inviting him on my trip home (GA) in July. I don’t know what made me do that! I had to be crazy, but he had to be crazy for agreeing!

Eventually, my friend and I left. Chubb called to make sure we made it home safely. Again, we video chatted all night and into the early morning. I dozed off several times and woke up like I hadn’t. He was a good sport about it.

Day 3: Before I came along, Chubb had just moved into a new spot in Seattle. He called me and asked if I wanted to go with him Saturday to help him shop for his place, because he “wanted a female’s touch.” I was cool with it. At that time, I was only getting out my house to go to work, so I was happy to be invited.

Day 4: Chubb and I met at my friend’s house. Before we got there, he called me via video as he drove to meet me. As soon as I saw him, I saw him wearing a camouflage jacket similar to the one I had on! My mouth and eyes opened wide! I said, “I am wearing my camouflage jacket! We can’t be dressed alike! We are only going to be friends! Let me change!” I changed into my olive green jacket instead.

Although I live in the same city as my friend, he was at her house before me. As soon as I walked in, I noticed we were STILL dressed alike! We both had on black and yellow shirts, jeans, high-top shoes and a jacket! We also had our Coach bags (his backpack and my purse).

We left. When we arrived to the store, we joked the entire time! We went to a few more stores before he asked me if I wanted to get some dinner.

When we got to the restaurant parking lot, I leaned over and pretended I was about to kiss him. As soon as he leaned in, I backed off and said, “We’re only going to be friends.” He smiled and nodded his head. We got out and walked in the restaurant.

I asked him where he was from. He responded: “Milwaukee, WI.” I said, “There’s only one person I know from Milwaukee…Fontez.” He said his last name. I said, “Yeah. That is my ex brother-in-law.” He stood up, walked off and left me at the table! When he came back, he said, “That’s my cousin!” Out of all the people in WA, it’s crazy that I ended up sitting across the table from him! He called him.

As we ate, we joked and laughed some more. He called his mom and I spoke with her for a little while. We left and went back to my friend’s house. Before we got out of the car, I leaned over to kiss him. This time, I stayed there. It just felt right. We went in and talked with them for a short while. Then, he walked me out. We hugged, kissed again and went our separate ways.

After Day 4, I lost track of the days. I lost track because we have been with each other almost every day since our first time meeting face-to-face. Either he’s at my place or I am at his.

What started as a friendship has flourished into a great relationship! Yes. Chubb is now my man! By the way, his family loves me and my family loves him! That’s something I longed for my entire life! Y’all, “my sunshine has (truly) come!”

To Chubb: I thank you for breathing life into me at a time I felt I was suffocating. Before meeting you, I’d said, “I’ll never trust a man who tells me ‘I love you’ again.” You have shown me that true love does exist. I appreciate you for being passionate and compassionate. I appreciate you for picking up my broken pieces and helping me put them back together again. I am thankful to have found my best friend, but I am more than thankful to finally have someone I can be me around! Thank you for having my back! Thank you for being willing to talk (even when you have a hard time listening…or maybe that’s me…lol). Thank you for reminding me of my need to write again…to continue helping others through the strength I continue to find. I love you, Chubb!

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