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I ain't interested!

I missed yesterday's post because I was clowning around in my favorite Facebook group. I truly love acting up with them! I can be me in a judgement-free zone.

Nope! You can't know the It's my place to be free.

I needed to take a break from being serious for a change. If you know me (truly know me) you know I am a certified "clown!" I have too many judgmental people in my world, so I only let my hair down for certain people.

Since January, I've kept my mind closed to the idea of dating again. I stopped believing in love! Guys try to talk to me all the time. I ignore the messages from some and laugh at others when they approach me. My mindset is, "I don't have time for it! I don't trust any man who tells me he loves me!" After experiencing number of hurt, I have given up! I'm perfectly okay with going to work and coming home. I can be honest in saying that my last relationship did something to me. I don't care to let anybody in right now.

I have this friend though. She is persistent to the point that I can't STAND her at times. So, yesterday, she tried again.

I ain't interested!!! I lied and told her I was talking to someone exclusively in hopes of her leaving me alone.

It didn't work. She started telling me about how her husband's friend was looking for a friend. I was thinking, "He bettA get a dog! They're man's best friends!"

She continued, "...not a relationship but to talk...chill. He got his own everything and he'll DEFINITELY keep you laughing."

Now, I'm thinking, "I have enough friends and my own everything! I ain't interested!" At that point, in my mind, I'm saying, "I'm GOOD!" However, my response to her was, "I need to see (him). Otherwise, Imma get a dog!!!"

She had him send a picture. He was a handsome guy. No new friends for me though. He wanted a picture in return.

NOPE!!! I ain't interested. Y'all my friend and I have plenty of pictures of each other. I was just at her wedding!!! Yup, she sent him pictures anyway! I decided to sabotage her efforts, because I ain't interested!

Okay. I was actually starting to become interested after a while...not in a relationship though...a friendship. I was like, "So, what did he say?" Y'all, she didn't get a response from him...until this morning. Then, I didn't hear anything until this afternoon when he had her give me his number. I told her to feel free to give him mine.

I stopped by her house after work. Her husband asked if he'd called me...of course not! Now, I REALLY wasn't interested and I DEFINITELY wasn't calling him!

Now, let me tell you what her husband did as I was sitting in their house. He called someone on video on his phone. Then, he passed my friend his phone. I didn't think anything of it at first. I finally knew what he'd done. Yes. He called the guy!

Nope! I wasn't talking to him! He hadn't called me, so I guess neither of us were interested! I got my things, hugged my friends and left.

Before I left, I heard the guy tell her husband, "Let me call you back." I didn't care! I ain't interested!

As soon as he hung up, my phone rang. It was him, but I didn't answer. I wasn't interested! However, I called back.

I let him know from the beginning that I am not looking for a relationship. I can be friends with anybody. We laughed and joked for a few hours.

Right now, I'm not in the space to open my heart to anyone on a relationship level, but it was great to converse with him, with the understanding that I ain't interested!

He's hella cool though.

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Sounds like your friend and her husband want to see you happy!!!!

Napturally Country
Napturally Country
21 apr. 2021
Reageren op

They really do! I appreciate it. It brought a smile back into my life. I needed it.

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