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I don't know where to start tonight. I had five back-to-back meetings before I left work today, so my mind is all over the place. It's going on 11 p.m. here, so let me make this one short and sweet.

After last night's post, I knew someone would have something to say! In my southern dialect, "Ieen tryna hear it though! I cut the conversation shAWt!"

If you get offended by anything I say, please stop reading immeJiately (immediately if you don't understand). My blog is not going to make everyone happy. I am doing this to (1) continue easing on down MY happy road and (2) help others whose voices may have been silenced by turmoil in THEIR lives. Please don't make my journey about you. Please?!

Shoot, I ain't perfect! You will see me in a bad light at times! You probably won't like me for some of the things I did at times! However, I stopped caring about what others think about me especially when it isn't anything to help me grow! People will talk whether you're doing good or bad. Let 'em talk!

On the other hand, I ain't here to hurt NOBODY! I love EVERYBODY (even when I feel I've been wronged). God is love and Mom taught us to love. So, that's what I strive to give. I am human and have made plenty of mistakes. I have done many things I have regretted. You'll get to know parts of me that may surprise you. Stick around long enough!

Let me reiterate, "This is MY truth. I ain't apologizing for sharing MY truth."

#Real #Raw #Uncut is in most places on this site. I ain't even got to that part yet!

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